DIY Planter (part 2)


        So guys this is the other Diy planter which I wanted to share with you guys so I hope you all like it…..

Things you will need:

  • big plastic bottle
  • knife, scissor
  • brush
  • paint
  • lady finger


First step:

take your bottle and cut it using knife and a scissor , as shown  in the below picture.


Second Step:

now take white colour and paint  the bottle. Here I have used acrylic paint you can use any type of paint just avoid using water colour as the colour can start coming out when you water your plant. after colouring the bottle let it dry you can colour it one more time if you see  some patches .


Third step:

cut the tip of the lady finger , dip it in the colour of your choice and start making design on the bottle. here I have used pink colour



this is how it looks when its finally done…for the other planter I have used the green stick of a eggplant  you can try using different vegetables  or fruits   


Try this diy and let me what you all think about it….



DIY Planters (part:1)


This is really easy and amazing Diy …its really helpful and I think everyone should give it a try . so lets get started.

Things you will need:

  • Big plastic bottle
  • bottle caps
  • glue
  • knife
  • scissors
  • black paper
  • black colour 
  • paint


First Step:

         Take your bottle and cut it using a scissor or a knife. Make a small cut using your knife and then use scissor to cut the bottle.


Second Step:

   Take two white bottle caps and stick it to the bottle using glue. you can also use your old teddy bear’s eyes. Next  take one more bottle cap and stick it below the eyes . This cap can be of any colour I have taken red you can also use blue or black.


Third Step:

 Now take a  black paint now and draw eye balls. To make it look like real eyes.


Fourth Step:

Now take a black paper and cut a moustache from it and stick it on the nose. this part  is optional you can totally skip this part.


  And now its ready ….take a look how cool it looks. You can use your own ideas while creating this . I have used a paper nose for other planter in the below image..


Now the last step is to find a perfect plant to add cuteness to this planter…