How to make Flowers…..


So lets learn how to make flowers simply out of  paper . Its creative and easy. they look really pretty,  keeping them in your room or living room can brighten  your room. this paper flowers are perfect highlight for any kind of occasion …..

Things you will need:

  • Crepe Paper
  • Scissor
  • Stick
  • Glue
  • Thread


First Step:

Take crepe paper of any color here I  have taken red. cut two strips of length 49 cm and breath 8 cm . You don’t have to take the exact same measurements it all depends upon size of the flower you wish to make. I have mentioned the measurements just for better understanding


Second step:

Now take one strip  place it on top of other strip and vertically fold it three times. Take a pencil draw two petals on it , one small in size and one large in size and using a scissor cut them.


Third Step:

In this step you will need a stick and thread . The color of the thread should be same as the color of the paper. firstly take the stick and one small size petal and place it on top of the stick , take a thread and wrap it around the stick 5 to 6 times after doing this tie a knot. take one more small size petal and put it on the other side again use the thread to wrap it . repeat the same process for rest of the petals . there is no need to tie a knot for each and every petal.



Forth step:

Once you done with the small petals now start using the bigger ones. place the bigger petals slightly lower than the small petal so that the bigger petal don’t cover the small ones. Do the same for rest of the petals. once you are done with all the petals now wrap the thread around the paper  5 to 6 times and tie a knot . Cut the extra thread.



Fifth Step:

Now take the green crepe paper and cut a thin strip, the thinner the better.


now use a glue to stick the starting part and ending part of the paper to the stick . refer to the picture given below


stick the starting part of the paper and wrap it around the stick till the end. Again use glue to stick the ending part of the paper to the stick. And this is how it looks when its done


               If you find this method  to be confusing I will show you one more method which does not involve using thread. you only need glue for this method the First and second step are same as above . So lets start from the third step

Cut the petals in two size shown in above method. take one small size petal and apply glue to its bottom part and wrap it around the stick .  take one more petal apply glue and wrap it around the stick both petals facing each other. repeat the same process with the big petals.



This is how its done using glue . you can use whichever method you find easy . Both  methods give the same results.


Making this flowers seems to be easy but you wont get it  quite right in the first attempt as crepe paper is delicate you can even  end up tearing one of your flower, but be patient don’t give up you will get it right in your next attempt . Doing this flower was my fourth attempt so if i can do it even you can do it just stick to it till the end…..