DIY Wall Hanging

          I think this DIY is really cool. its easy , and the things you require are easily available . you dont  need to buy anything its requires some basic materials which most of them must be having. so lets get started……………

Things you will need:

  • Used CD’s (minimum three)
  • Paint brush
  • Black paint ( acrylic color)
  • Thread
  • Ice cream stick
  • Divider ( or any pointed material)    


      First step:

  So I am using four CD’s for this DIY you can take as many as you want but you need at least  three. so firstly take one CD and make a hole at the top of the CD . I have used a divider and a pointed tool , you can use anything which is sharp and pointed. Try doing it on a hard surface , it becomes a bit easy.




Second step :

now take your black paint and paint the  CD from both the sides and wait for a while  so the  paint can dry



Third step:

  once the paint has dried we can start drawing designs on it . you can draw design using any pointed thing like needle , pen (which dosent work) ,but they have really small tip so the designs will be thin and not much visible . so you need to use something which has a thick tip . I have used  ice cream stick , we need to cut one end of the stick  in triangle shape using a scissor , as shown below


After this you can draw design of your choice. not only a specific design you can draw any animal, flower  even write your name and your friends name  on it.



This is how it looks when its done . now repeat the same process for other three CDs . I have already done the other three CDs , take a look at it.


   Fourth step:

so this is a bit difficult part, actually its easy but its just difficult for me to explain it by writing it ….i will try my best to explain  . So first take a long thread . I have taken a simple one , you can take a fancy thread if you want

grab one CD,  put the one end of the thread in its hole and tie a knot .


take the second CD and put the other end of the thread in its hole  adjust the distance between two CDs and tie a knot.



do the same thing with the third and forth CD , but for the forth CD after making a knot make a loop so we can hang it to a nail or something.


this is the forth CD tie a knot as shown above ..


and then make a loop as shown above. once everything is done cut the extra thread. If you are taking more than four CDs take  much thicker thread. And now its done ….. the last step is to find a place to hang it.

                I think they look really cool and the best part is that you dont have to spend  any money on it at all . it just requires a little bit of time but its worth it …dont you think?!