How to make Flowers…..


So lets learn how to make flowers simply out of  paper . Its creative and easy. they look really pretty,  keeping them in your room or living room can brighten  your room. this paper flowers are perfect highlight for any kind of occasion …..

Things you will need:

  • Crepe Paper
  • Scissor
  • Stick
  • Glue
  • Thread


First Step:

Take crepe paper of any color here I  have taken red. cut two strips of length 49 cm and breath 8 cm . You don’t have to take the exact same measurements it all depends upon size of the flower you wish to make. I have mentioned the measurements just for better understanding


Second step:

Now take one strip  place it on top of other strip and vertically fold it three times. Take a pencil draw two petals on it , one small in size and one large in size and using a scissor cut them.


Third Step:

In this step you will need a stick and thread . The color of the thread should be same as the color of the paper. firstly take the stick and one small size petal and place it on top of the stick , take a thread and wrap it around the stick 5 to 6 times after doing this tie a knot. take one more small size petal and put it on the other side again use the thread to wrap it . repeat the same process for rest of the petals . there is no need to tie a knot for each and every petal.



Forth step:

Once you done with the small petals now start using the bigger ones. place the bigger petals slightly lower than the small petal so that the bigger petal don’t cover the small ones. Do the same for rest of the petals. once you are done with all the petals now wrap the thread around the paper  5 to 6 times and tie a knot . Cut the extra thread.



Fifth Step:

Now take the green crepe paper and cut a thin strip, the thinner the better.


now use a glue to stick the starting part and ending part of the paper to the stick . refer to the picture given below


stick the starting part of the paper and wrap it around the stick till the end. Again use glue to stick the ending part of the paper to the stick. And this is how it looks when its done


               If you find this method  to be confusing I will show you one more method which does not involve using thread. you only need glue for this method the First and second step are same as above . So lets start from the third step

Cut the petals in two size shown in above method. take one small size petal and apply glue to its bottom part and wrap it around the stick .  take one more petal apply glue and wrap it around the stick both petals facing each other. repeat the same process with the big petals.



This is how its done using glue . you can use whichever method you find easy . Both  methods give the same results.


Making this flowers seems to be easy but you wont get it  quite right in the first attempt as crepe paper is delicate you can even  end up tearing one of your flower, but be patient don’t give up you will get it right in your next attempt . Doing this flower was my fourth attempt so if i can do it even you can do it just stick to it till the end…..




DIY Planter (part 2)


        So guys this is the other Diy planter which I wanted to share with you guys so I hope you all like it…..

Things you will need:

  • big plastic bottle
  • knife, scissor
  • brush
  • paint
  • lady finger


First step:

take your bottle and cut it using knife and a scissor , as shown  in the below picture.


Second Step:

now take white colour and paint  the bottle. Here I have used acrylic paint you can use any type of paint just avoid using water colour as the colour can start coming out when you water your plant. after colouring the bottle let it dry you can colour it one more time if you see  some patches .


Third step:

cut the tip of the lady finger , dip it in the colour of your choice and start making design on the bottle. here I have used pink colour



this is how it looks when its finally done…for the other planter I have used the green stick of a eggplant  you can try using different vegetables  or fruits   


Try this diy and let me what you all think about it….


DIY Planters (part:1)


This is really easy and amazing Diy …its really helpful and I think everyone should give it a try . so lets get started.

Things you will need:

  • Big plastic bottle
  • bottle caps
  • glue
  • knife
  • scissors
  • black paper
  • black colour 
  • paint


First Step:

         Take your bottle and cut it using a scissor or a knife. Make a small cut using your knife and then use scissor to cut the bottle.


Second Step:

   Take two white bottle caps and stick it to the bottle using glue. you can also use your old teddy bear’s eyes. Next  take one more bottle cap and stick it below the eyes . This cap can be of any colour I have taken red you can also use blue or black.


Third Step:

 Now take a  black paint now and draw eye balls. To make it look like real eyes.


Fourth Step:

Now take a black paper and cut a moustache from it and stick it on the nose. this part  is optional you can totally skip this part.


  And now its ready ….take a look how cool it looks. You can use your own ideas while creating this . I have used a paper nose for other planter in the below image..


Now the last step is to find a perfect plant to add cuteness to this planter…



DIY Wall Hanging

          I think this DIY is really cool. its easy , and the things you require are easily available . you dont  need to buy anything its requires some basic materials which most of them must be having. so lets get started……………

Things you will need:

  • Used CD’s (minimum three)
  • Paint brush
  • Black paint ( acrylic color)
  • Thread
  • Ice cream stick
  • Divider ( or any pointed material)    


      First step:

  So I am using four CD’s for this DIY you can take as many as you want but you need at least  three. so firstly take one CD and make a hole at the top of the CD . I have used a divider and a pointed tool , you can use anything which is sharp and pointed. Try doing it on a hard surface , it becomes a bit easy.




Second step :

now take your black paint and paint the  CD from both the sides and wait for a while  so the  paint can dry



Third step:

  once the paint has dried we can start drawing designs on it . you can draw design using any pointed thing like needle , pen (which dosent work) ,but they have really small tip so the designs will be thin and not much visible . so you need to use something which has a thick tip . I have used  ice cream stick , we need to cut one end of the stick  in triangle shape using a scissor , as shown below


After this you can draw design of your choice. not only a specific design you can draw any animal, flower  even write your name and your friends name  on it.



This is how it looks when its done . now repeat the same process for other three CDs . I have already done the other three CDs , take a look at it.


   Fourth step:

so this is a bit difficult part, actually its easy but its just difficult for me to explain it by writing it ….i will try my best to explain  . So first take a long thread . I have taken a simple one , you can take a fancy thread if you want

grab one CD,  put the one end of the thread in its hole and tie a knot .


take the second CD and put the other end of the thread in its hole  adjust the distance between two CDs and tie a knot.



do the same thing with the third and forth CD , but for the forth CD after making a knot make a loop so we can hang it to a nail or something.


this is the forth CD tie a knot as shown above ..


and then make a loop as shown above. once everything is done cut the extra thread. If you are taking more than four CDs take  much thicker thread. And now its done ….. the last step is to find a place to hang it.

                I think they look really cool and the best part is that you dont have to spend  any money on it at all . it just requires a little bit of time but its worth it …dont you think?!





DIY Cute Container


This is a very simple DIY , but can be really useful for home and room decor . so lets get started.

  Things you will need:

  • bottle
  • sharp knife
  • ribbon (optional)
  • colored sellotape

First Step:

take a bottle, and make markings on it . as shown in picture below

Second Step:

As per the markings cut the bottle using a sharp knife or a cutter. throw the middle part we only need the top and the bottom part.

Third Step:

     join the two parts of the bottle using a sellotape.

Forth Step:

   now its almost ready , just decorate it with  a ribbon of any color and boom its ready..

        you can make such containers of any shape and size. they can be used to keep small chocolates,  precious stones, shell  . it can be  used as a showpiece or even to keep stuff.